Welcome to Teapodo Forum

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the official Teapodo Forum!

I’m very excited to present you the first public release of Teapodo (https://teapodo.com/), a lightweight audio editor.

Our goal is to build an audio editor that is fast and accurate, capable of fitting the needs that ranges from a quick slicing up of an audio file, or a quick recording session, up to a medium sized multi-track project.

We’ve been working on it for the past 6 months, so it’s still quit new. However, within the team, we’ve already been using it for various tasks (one of us is even making a Podcast show from start to finish using it!), and from our own experience, it’s working pretty well!

In the next few releases, we also have more features lining up:

  • Controlling fade-in/fade-out of an audio clip
  • Built-in audio processors (e.g. noise gate, compressor, etc.)
  • Exporting an audio clip or a region on the tracks

In the long-term, we plan to dive deeper and make Teapodo more feature-rich as an audio editor. Here are a few features that are on the horizon:

  • VST/AudioUnit plugin support
  • Parameter automation and scripting
  • Recording audio from other applications (e.g. recording the audio of an online meeting)
  • Speech-to-text conversion

However, since this is a tool for you, your feedback would be the most important factor to determine the future of Teapodo. We are keen to know your thoughts on whether Teapodo works for you, what’s missing, as well as any feature ideas you have.